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Sossusvlei, Namibia

Alan Clegg
In A Nutshell

Alan Clegg was born in Ireland. He lived and worked on the family farm until he was in his early forties. He then took a two-year sabbatical from 1989-91 to work with the Church Missionary Society as a farm manager in Uganda. After two years he returned home, but he never farmed again.

He was always interested in working with his hands so upon returning to Ireland he set up a small picture framing business, but by this time his heart was in Africa, so he returned to Uganda on a regular basis for the seven or eight years.

In 1999 he was asked to return to Uganda as PROJECTS director for Africare Northern, the fund-raising agency for Besaniya Children’s Home near Kampala, Uganda. In time, this organisation also encompassed a rehabilitation unit called CHERUB (Children’s Health Education and Rehabilitation Unit Besaniya) for post-operative care for physically disabled children.

It was about this time the he met his wife Sara, who is South African. Upon completion of a further three stints with Africare they were married in 2002 and he went to live in Betty’s Bay in South Africa. Since then, they have moved to live in Strand near Cape Town.

His first poem which he wrote in 1990, took him completely by surprise as he had never written anything prior to that time. Due to a hand injury at an early age he always resisted writing in longhand and would probably never have written anything if it weren’t for the typewriter and the computer.

Deo Gratis
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The Book

My name is Alan Clegg and I am living in the rich and rare land of the Overberg Nature Reserve in South Africa.

This area has recently been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site and deservedly so. It is a unique place with many aspects of the community of nature not seen in other parts of the world available for our enjoyment. Sadly, some of there aspects of nature are very much in danger of becoming extinct and it is our duty as guardians of our heritage to preserve them as much as possible.

Through the medium of this publication, it is my desire to share with you who do not have the opportunity of visiting this place the chance to enjoy it as well. Also, it is hoped that it will help to build awareness of the fragile community of nature in which we live.

I love to go out with my camera around the area and take photographs of whatever I see that is interesting. By taking photographs like this you don’t have to set the scene or build a stage or anything like that. The world is the stage, all you have to do is to train your eye to see it and wait until the right moment.

So, get out there with your camera and start taking photographs. You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take good photo’s nowadays, the digital era has arrived and it is becoming cheaper every day.

The beauty of digital photography is that you can take as many shots as you wish and then delete whatever you don’t want and it won’t cost you anything.

Beauty by its nature is what it is unto itself.
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